Monday, February 28, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

This past Christmas I wanted to make our yearly Christmas ornaments. This is the first year Adison is able to enjoy Christmas, not being an infant and she helped me a bit. (Her “helping” was having fun shaking up the bulbs and making all the beads and stuff fall out!) I need another idea for next years ornaments; mom, dad, Adison, and we'll have new baby boy by then!

These were made with just a small glass bulb ornament. I added polypropylene beads (found at local craft store), some colored glass beads and some other little trinkets that would fit. Inside there are presents, candy canes, and a few other little things. Adison's has another bead with a little hand. If you shake them up it's easier to see the colors. I would suggest adding larger beads too if you want them to stand out. I just did not have any at the time I made these.

I wrote our names and the year with a permanent marker and used a different color ribbon to hang each one. I made sure to glue the tops on well so they wouldn’t fall apart while they hung.


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