Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Wreath

I LOVE getting the Styrofoam wreaths from the Dollar Tree ‘cause their..$1!! My friend made one of these while I was gone an I loved it. I had a wreath on hand and she had some extra leaves! Thanks friend!!


I wrapped it in ribbon first so you can’t see the white Styrofoam, then I just hot glued everything in place! Easy and so cute!


Watch Band

Okay, so..I was quite the busy crafter while on vacation! Probably more than I would have done at home all summer..but it has gotten me excited for crafting again!

I made the pink and green one at my cousins house..The pearls are from Grandma’s old pearl necklace, so it has sentimental value as well..I’m not sure if they’re real or not, but they were really hers when she was younger! The other I made after I got home.

IMG_3139 IMG_3142 IMG_3148 IMG_3145

Next week I’ll be making a Super Hero cape for my boy and also attending a Fall Festival and CRAFT FAIR!! I LOVE going to look and see all the cute stuff people come up with! Who knows, maybe next year I’ll have a booth! :)..maybe!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Quilt + Pillow = Quillow

It’s a quilt that folds up into a pillow!
My MIL and AIL and I made Quillows while on vacation as well! Super easy and quick! I think I'll be making a few more for Christmas presents! I can't believe it's only 3 months away..better get crackin'!!

IMG_3093 IMG_3095

I’m on the Enrichment Board at Church, and we’ll be having a Super Craft Saturday in November too that I am excited for!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Library Bags and Halloween bags!


We got to the library every week and I made a couple bags for the kids to tote their books! Well, the baby is still a little small (but did just have her 1st birthday!..but I had to make one while I was on a roll!

Here are some Trick-or-Treat bags that are reversible too!

IMG_3077  IMG_3081 IMG_3080

My son picked out the fabric for his.. he is pretty excited about it and already asking to go trick-or-treating! He said he wanted to be Woody, from Toy Story, but now that I found him some boots, he’s changed his mind and wants to be Buzz… ah, the mind of a 3 year old! :)

Green bags…

These 2 bags are the “Green” -reusable bags you get from the grocery store. They had writing all over them so I covered them in some scrap fabric I had!

IMG_3071 IMG_3072

Hot Pad Knick Knack Holders


Hot pads from the dollar store..2/$1 makes the $0.50 each!!


Put some zip lock bags through the middle zipper out and even number on both sides and sew one straight line down the middle. I had to get a heavier duty needle because I broke the first couple. The needle for jeans worked great for me! Trim the rest of the bag opposite side of the seam from the zipper. The hot pads already have a loop on them, so you just need to sew a big button on the opposite side!


Great for first aid kits, and knick knacks.


I sewed this one with the seam on the bottom of the bags. Great for coupons, business cards, or receipts.


This one is a great size for an ipod. I sewed a seam down the top of it about 3/4ths the length..long enough for the ipod, then along the bottom. It left a small space in the end for the ipod cord!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


While we were on vacation, I picked some wild flowers and pressed and dried them. I was surprised they kept their color so well. I just arranged and laminated them and put then wrote the year with a sharpie. They are a little wider than a regular book mark, but the flowers were a little big. After I took these pics I just took my corner rounder and rounded the corners.

IMG_3050 IMG_3055 IMG_3054

IMG_3056 IMG_3057 IMG_3058

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My First Quilt!!

I’ve been traveling the last 2 months..visiting family throughout UT, ID and AZ. It’s been a blast and I’ve been crafting some there as well!!

I sewed my very first quilt. I love the way it turned out. My mom is a great quilter, and it has always been some what intimidating for me..but, with mom and Gma there to call on if I needed, I was determined to do it. It only took about 3 days once I got going too! My great aunt has a Gammill quilting machine, so that was fun to use..once I got the hang of it! :)

IMG_2235 IMG_2237

IMG_2249 IMG_2252


Here's another little project I did for my nephew for his birthday. The town I live in is home of the coolest crafting store ever called Porters, Crafts and Frames. Well, I saw this there and I had to make it.
There was a packet with these different papers and robot stickers. I punched out the robot stickers and added paper to the back. Each robot has a magnet on the back and the little box everything is kept in is a metal tin so, magnets to it. Know what I mean? It was fun to do. I would do some things differently next time. I thought it would be a fun quiet time activity but the robots are great on the fridge too. Oh, and I made a matching card to go with it.

Honeybee Display

Hi, I'm Hailee. My sister Ashlee invited me to join this blog so I can show off some of my projects. I like card making but my mother-in-law had these honeybee stamps. My kitchen is honeybee's! She also had embossing machines and all kinds of awesome things so I made this. Now it is framed and adorning my kitchen. I love it.