Friday, September 26, 2008

Crafts in Mind

Yep..thats me! I have sooooo many projects in mind that I want to do, and have the supplies for but haven't even started yet.. and a bunch 1/2 done. Here's my list of crafts I want to do!..

Baby Shoes and appliqued onesies - are an ongoing project
Shower curtain
paper craft table toppers for sisters wedding

Curtain for window in Bedroom
Jean blanket
silhouette shirt
Styrofoam Christmas ornaments
I spy Christmas ornament
Sew patches on scout shirt
TP pumpkins
Shelf f/ window shutter
card holder f/window shutter

hats and scarfs out of yarn
flowerpot bead girl
towel rug for bathroom

wooden block picture puzzle
picture magnets
flower barrettes
magnet boards
felt food
scrapbook - is another on going project
canvas pictures
car blanket
van tote
Recipe Book

necklace charms
FHE packets
Quiet book
digital quiet picture book for Sacrament time

There is my list.. I wrote it up a couple months ago and realized I have been able to check things off..along with adding more. Yellow are in progress, green are completed. Now I don't have to worry about losing my list. I already have most of the supplies for most of the projects, it's just a matter of finding time to sit down and "Get R' Done". And of course the endless blogroll I am following of more and more crafts I want to do, but I have to work on these first!

I'll work on a few of these projects tonight at our Get R' Done Group. Hope you can come! I am excited!

Funny T-Shirts

These are some funny T-Shirts Calli was telling me about.
They explain me to a T!Two Chicks Design
This is my personal fave!

Lets Explore

A couple of my friends posted this sight: Let's Explore. I was just looking at it tonight, and WOW!! What a FUN sight. With projects and ideas for kids and things to make for parents too! Check it out! I'm adding it to my list also!

Bath Bombs

This is a fun site for making Bath Bombs, Lip Balms, soaps and other fun goodies.

Here is what I made yesterday. I had to let them dry all day, so I haven't tried them yet! We'll see how they turned out! I had to go to Whole Foods for most of the ingredients (ie.: citric acid). Does anyone know where else I can get Citric Acid?

Bath Bombs

Birds of a Feather

Here are some birds I made. The pattern was easy and I got the idea off ..what else but homemadebyjill.blogspot I don't know where she finds all her ideas, but I love them!!
Hope you can see it with the tree in the background.
(If you click on the background it will enlarge.)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I just found some orange fabric and wrapped it around my t.p.. I turned the one end under so it doesn't show the seam, and stuffed it in the holes. Cut some brown felt and rolled it up, then cut a leaf out of green and stuck the stem and leaf into the hole as well. None of it is sewn, but you can if you want. Now they are on the back of my toilet in our lil' bathroom!

Monday, September 22, 2008

A few pages

Here are a few scrapbook pages I made while back and put in frames. They are on our wall in our upstairs hallway. (sorry, the lighting for the pictures wasn't very good)
I was just getting back into scrapbooking when I made these.
It amazes me, looking at others scrapbooks, how different of a style each person has...even in my own my style changes.


I found these treasures at an antique store when I was visiting my mom a week ago. I love looking through antique stores.

So here are a couple more projects (and the list gets bigger)..I have some exciting ideas , but you'll have to wait and see what I do with them!

Bath Mat

I've been meaning to make this for a while. Its' a bath mat made with 2 towels and a piece of batting in between. I'm glad this is finally completed so I don't have to use our good towels anymore.

The Shower curtain is my next project. I'm going to stencil it with some paints to dress it up a little. It is so boring, especially next to our walls.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm not hosting it.. but The Errand of Angels Blog that I contribute to is.. check it out and enter your name for a free nursing cover! I've heard they are great and am excited to have one eventually for my next baby!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Booties

~We had the Get R' Done Enrichment Group at my home tonight. We had fun chatting and eating cookies while we were trying to figure out how to enlarge this patter to fit a 10 - 18ish month baby. We're sad if you didn't make it, but if you still want to make the shoes, click here: Stardust Shoes to get the pattern. This is for 0-3 months. If you need to enlarge it, ask me for tips! Have fun!
~Our next Get R' Done Group will meet Thur. Oct 2nd at my home. There will not be a planned craft. Bring your own unfinished craft, or one you want to start and lets Get it done! RSVP here or to my e-mail if you will be able to make it! Also please leave any ideas for crafts we can do in the future..something you want to learn or make. Hope to see you then!

Happy Birthday Tammy!

I hope my mother-in-law doesn't check this before she gets here tomorrow! This is what I made her for her Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY -by the way- if you do! I ordered this pattern online at... Craft Apple. The pattern was a little confusing at first, but it was pretty clever the way it was done once I had it figured out. Anyway. This is what she wanted! It's my first,..Hope it works well!
~ It's a little tote to go in her van. It can hold a trash bag, and anything else worth having on hand in a car (tissues, wipes, water bottle) It has a phone pocket, a place for pens, and another pocket on the side for, notebook, etc.. I loved the fabric too!

Label It!

I cut all these out w/my CRICUT. Using the Wall Pops from Lowe's. They go on and come off super easy w/o pulling the paint off your walls.

I've been labeling!

And Creating

..this kid has more in his bank
than I do in my wallet!

I'm so excited the holidays are almost here! I LOVE decorating for the them!
I'm going to put something in this and some lights behind it. I will change it up each month or so.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Command Central

Here is an idea I found at this site.. Simplify 101. It has a lot of great organizing ideas

I decided I could make one that would work for me at a much cheaper cost than to buy this one. It holds all my notes and important papers and numbers.
I have divided it with pocket dividers to hold any extra papers or things I need to keep. I have included a pencil bag so I always have a pen, pencil, and highlighter on hand. I have also added a couple business card holders (baseball card holders) for important cards. The sections I have are..

1. Calendar w/a monthly calendar and a weekly planner broken down by the 1/2 hour that helps me be more productive. I used one of these on my mission and it helped me be more accountable for my time. When I use it now I don't feel like my day has slipped by me without getting things done.
2. Emergency Info & Important Numbers.. Police, Poison Control, Emergency Contacts, Ward Directory, Dr.'s, Insurance ...whatever other numbers you need (I have a couple business card holder sheets here)
3. To Do - Notebook paper, To Do list, weekly House Cleaning Chart
4. Finances - Zipper for receipts I need to keep, Expense Report, Car Mileage,..anything I need to keep track of for Taxes.
5. Dinner Planner & Shopping List - Weekly Dinner planner, Grocery Shopping Check List
6. Jared's School Schedule, important info papers.
7. Preparedness - Food/Emergency Storage Info
8. Fun - w/ brochures of places to go and times they are open, parks and schedules, YMCA class schedule, lists to have on hand in case we go camping or a road trip, I don't forget anything. (I have a business card holder here)

Maybe this will help you get organized, it has helped me tremendously! There is another idea for this on The Errand of Angels blog if you want to check it out!