Thursday, February 18, 2010


A couple aprons I made for the 'Joy School'..or since it's just my son..these will be for anytime he has a friend over and we want to get dirty!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Holiday Bunnies

The mother of a wonderful childhood friend of mine made these for my mom quite a number of years ago, they use to do a lot more wooden crafts when I was little. Last time I was at her (mom's)house, I found them tucked away and swiped them! Each month the ears and neck charm change. I think my son will have fun changing them out for a bit!

Joy School

When I was little I went to 'Joy School'. It's a program that has been around more than 30 years, and my sisters and I LOVED it! Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to do it with my kids! It is for 3-4 year olds to help them get ready for kindergarten. It is twice a week and ran by the mom's! My mom would take it one week, another mom the next, another mom the next, etc. Similar to a pre-school I suppose! You can read more about it on valuesparenting if you would like to learn more! . Anyway, my husband and I decided that it would be a good idea, and with part of our tax return I have started into it. For now, it's just my son, as he is almost 3, but in the future, I'd like to add a few more kids. It didn't use to be, but now with all the technology, after you enroll, everything is PDF from their site. You can even listen to the music there, though they do still send the CD's. I love that each week, the lesson, activity, everything is all written out, minute by minute to keep the kids actively listening and entertained! Here is some of the prep stuff I've done.

Weather Chart
Joy-boy and Joy-girl puppets

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"14 Days of Love"

Sorry I didn't share this a little sooner. I did the "14 Days of Love" for my sweetheart this year. My friend told me about it on the first day, so I had to think quick. It was fun, and he loved it! It was actually a bit of a challenge to come up with 14 days worth, but here are a couple of the ideas I did. Maybe they will work for you next year!The blocks I got from a little store up in Idaho where my sister lives. I glued some paper and sanded the edges. After this I wrote on it. Kiss, massage, ... lips, back...
I got these cute little mail boxes from the Target $1 bins, and covered them in scrapbook paper. I put some rub-ons on them and after I took the pics.. I also added some ribbon. Left little love notes for him a couple days.
This was for a 50-kisses day! He got 50 kisses and this cute little book to "keep track"..he didn't use it, but it was a fun idea. it has a little sticky notes note pad in it.A container of coupons!

*I wrote on the bathtub wall with some foam letters from Wal-Mart..they were $1/bag and I had to get 2 bags to have enough letters.
*I got some glow-in-the-dark stars and put them on the ceiling in our room to spell I love you.
*Notes on his toothbrush --"You make me smile", "I've got a sweet tooth for you", etc. idea here
*One day I wrote the words to a song on the mirror with a dry erase
*Heart Attack his car - didn't quite get to that one and was sad i didn't! year!
*Candy bar notes:"You are 'red hot'", "I 'skore'd getting you", "I love 'nerds', that's why I married you!"

Anyway, it was fun!