Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mommy Bucks


Do you remember when I posted about Mommy Bucks HERE? Well, my brother is 10, and he was here with my mom last week for a few days. While he was here he wanted to earn some mommy bucks right along with my kids and let me tell ya.. I had a CLEAN house! Well, for a couple days I did anyway! He cleaned windows and took the trash out, put away dishes, even scrubbed the toilets..yep! He LOVED the “Mommy Buck system” and kept asking for more chores, er.. opportunities to earn more mommy bucks. So I am excited to know that this will work even until my kids are in the double digits, and..happy that my kids will actually be able to do some of the bigger chores one day! ;) Even baby Ella (18mo.) wanted to help!

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In the store I have treats and toys. Anything they may like. Everything has a different dollar value to it. A soda is $10, because they don’t need it that much, and if they really want it, they have to learn to save their money for the big things! A sticker sheet is $1, a dum dum is $2, a pez pack is $3, a pez dispenser with 3 packs is $10, and so on. At 3 years old I don’t have anything big, but as they get older I plan to have bigger prizes! Or family goal prizes..trips to the water park sort of thing!

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The Stimpsons said...

Love this idea! What age would you start this at? Thinking my kids are a little young still. You do such cute stuff!

Ashlee said...

Well, we started it just after Gideon turned 3! He just does little stuff like washing windows, and putting away the silverware, putting his clothes away from laundry,etc. but as he gets older he'll be doing more ;) Thanks!