Sunday, August 26, 2012

Baby Blanket from Dress Shirt

A friend of mine is expecting her second child. She is married to a man from India, and it is custom in his culture that the baby is brought home from the hospital in a piece of the father's clothing. I wasn't able to make an outfit like someone did for her first child, but I did make a blanket out of one of her husband's dress shirts. They haven't found out the gender, so they wanted it to be gender neutral, and this is what I came up with...

It is only about 31in x 32in, but that's all she needed. Just big enough for a newborn. Plus, the center square is the pocket from the shirt, which perfectly fits a small stuffed animal as my baby present.

I even had a couple of left over squares to make her 2-year-old a matching monster!


First Birthday Ideas

My son recently turned one, and I wanted to show you a couple of things I did for his party.
Here's the shirt I made... I stuffed the balloon to make it 2D, and the string is loose except for a few spots to make it stay.


We had a water party with some of his little friends. For the party favors I came up with the idea of using sippy cups since almost all of the kids were at the age for using them. Inside each one I put a package of fruit snacks, three pieces of candy, and a small water gun. Pretty ingenious if I do say so myself!

Then I had juice, marshmallows, peanut butter/cheese crackers, fruit, and mini cupcakes for everyone but Hampton--he got a regular-sized one.

Here's my big 1-year-old! 
(He's always been a very serious kid)

Have a great day!

Picture Hanger

I'll make it simple--Window frame (free on side of road) + Chicken wire (also free on side of road) + nail/staple gun=

I glued ribbon bows onto clothes pins for a little something extra. (They could be smaller to fit better.) What do you think?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hello Readers!

Hello everyone! 

I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Katee Smith, and I am the youngest of Ashlee and Hailee's sisters. (There is one more--Whitnee--but she's not crafty). I am currently a stay-at-home-mom to an amazing 1-year-old little boy named Hampton. My husband, Shaun, is a quality engineering manager at a manufacturing company, and the best eternal companion I could ask for. We have been married just over 3 1/2 years.

When I have time (during nap time and after bed), I like to make things. I do crafts of all kinds--from wood cutting to apparel, quilting to painting. You name it, and I would probably try it! The next two on my list to learn are wood burning and metal stamping, but I'm not sure when that will happen.

I decided that instead of trying to continue my own craft blog that only gets updated maybe once every 8 months, I would join my sisters and contribute to this blog. I hope to have many posts, and hope you enjoy them as much as I love to create the items in them! 

Have a wonderful day! Happy reading!