Monday, February 21, 2011


Last week I had the kids for preschool. We are worked on “A” this week, and for the month we are working on RED and HEART! I also realized that this Monday would be President’s Day, so I tried to work that in a little too.

Here are some tips on how I cam up with the week!

So first, I just made a list of a bunch of "A" words to start..

Apple, Animal, Alligator, Ape, Airplane, Astronaut, Arrow, Awesome, Ant, Arachnid, Ambulance, Aquarium, America

From that I wrote what we'll be doing that day..and paired it up with an "A" word if I could!


day 1: Applesauce & Animal Crackers in an ark (bowl)
day 2: Apple juice & ants on a log & arrows


day 1: Rock Ants, Airplanes
day 2: Apple Tree finger paints (talk about George Washington’s Apple Tree)




5 little Apes, swinging in the trees..teasing mister Alligator…

The itsy bitsy Arachnid goes up the water spout ;)

day 2: Song about presidents: With picture of coins (sung to Mary had a little lamb) ~”Do you know who’s on the Penny, On the Penny, On the Penny. Do you know who’s on the Penny, Abraham Lincoln”, “Do you know who’s on the quarter, on the quarter, on the quarter, do you know who’s on the quarter, George Washington” and so on.


Pass the Apple (pass an apple around in a circle till the music stops. the one left with the apple goes into the middle..the apple patch)

How many apples am I? (cut out apples and lay them straight and see how tall the kids are)


Dr. Seuss’ “ABC’s”

Day 2: Read a book on America, work on The Pledge of Allegiance

The kids have all been begging for more school, and are all so excited to begin their second week tomorrow! If you are interested in more outlines for letters let me know! I only do it every 5th week, but can come up with outlines each week!

I ordered my parachute from Oriental Trading!

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