Friday, October 22, 2010


“ HaHaHa!! It’s like printing my own money!” –Toy Story 2

Gid and Ella get dollars for obedience, and doing their chores. Then, with those dollars, they can choose to spend it in my store, or save up for something bigger. I haven’t quite worked all the kinks out yet, but so far, G is LOVING it and ASKING/BEGGING me to do more chores. E is still a little young, but G makes sure I give her dollars too. I am still working on my chore chart as well as a ton of other stuff, a bed! This ..program.. is helping him learn money management as well as incentive for obedience. I am loving it too!

Dollars came in a pack from the Dollar Tree. I laminated them for longer use.



Loft Bed Still in Progress


Not done, but closer. So, Gid is voting for ORANGE.. ‘cause it is his FAVORITE color! But I have a lot of Black paint leftover from another project. But if I put a coat of will be harder to slide the boards in and out to put together, and it’s already quite hard enough..I don’t favor the idea of staining it though.. hmmm..To paint, or not to paint..that is my question! What do YOU think!??!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath. $1 Store Styrofoam Wreath. I also got my skeleton (pack of 4) and spider (big pack of spiders) there. And I used my leftover fabric and felt from previous crafts. Total $3..w/leftover skeletons and spidersIMG_3418

Wood Crafting

My friend and I have started to do some wood crafts. We have been having a BLAST! My mom bought me a scroll saw when I was about 17 from a garage sale..and it SAT in her garage for …??+ years. ..until a couple months ago when I pulled it out and started using it! Here are some of the crafts we have made..





among others I am still working on! and many more I want to do.

We are starting a little monthly Crafternoon. Once a month we’ll get together on an afternoon ..probably Saturday, and have a craft to work on for the people that come. It will be a blast and a great time to get away and spend a few hours with the girls! Let me know if you are interested so I can put you on our e-mail list. These crafts will not be limited to wood crafts, and let us know if you have any ideas for anything you want to make! These groups are a great way to prepare for birthdays and holidays too!:) We are excited!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Loft Bed for my Son!

night before – bought all the wood!


Day 1 ~ Getting Started:





End of day! Ready to Sand!

Day 2: tired from day 1 and didn’t get much sanding done :(

Day 3: Sunday = No work!

Day 4: RAIN??!! rrrrrrrrrr…


loft bed