Monday, November 28, 2011

Gel Bag Writing Practice

This is a ziploc bag with Hair Gel in it..f/Dollar Tree of course! I squirt one whole bottle/bag.. added some food coloring, and some glitter to each. The kids can write letter/numbers/whatever they are working on..then erase it and do it again! LOTS of fun!:)


IMG_7516     IMG_7519    

IMG_7509     IMG_7511

I know.. a LOT of my ideas lately have been coming from Pinterest! It’s just that GREAT!!

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest check it out! You don’t know what you are missing!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Are you getting ready for Christmas?!!

Now that we’ve posted about Thanksgiving, I have something else on my mind..Christmas will be here so soon!

I bought these make-up cases at the dollar tree, emptied, washed, and dried them. Then I took some old nail polish that I honestly don’t know where I got and don’t know if I have ever even used it..anyway, I just filled them full enough to not be able to see the bottom anymore. They will dry, and be in my daughters Christmas stocking! She is always watching me and wanting to wear make-up.. so now we’ll be able to do it together! (I can’t take the credit for this though.. found it on Pinterest! I <3 Pinterest!!)


IMG_7906   IMG_7907




Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow it Thanksgiving!

A few years ago..quite a few actually, I was feeling..sort of..depressed one day and I decided to sit down and write down ALL the things I could think of that I was thankful for.. well, it’s really a few things and the list grows every day. I carried that list with me for years..and years! And whenever I would have a blue day, I would pull it out and read it, COUNT my many blessings!! I can’t find the list now, but I want to start a new one!THANKSGIVING

Here’s a start.. maybe you can think of things you are thankful for and comment on this post!Smile

In no order…well, the first part is, sort of!…


I am thankful for:

God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, Family: Jared, Gideon, Ellanor, Mom, Dad, Hailee, Whitnee, Katee, Dustin, TJ, Adison, Timothy, Derrick, Shaun, Hampton, Tammy, Mike, Jason, Jamie, baby, Eric, Azalea, Fernanda, Gabriel, Immanuel, Grandma Grace, Grandma Marcia, Grandpa Ron, Grandma and Grandpa Kelepolo, Grandma Dunlap, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends: too many to know who you are! :) My children’s friends, the Gospel, Church, Missionaries, Atonement, Sacrament, latter-day prophets, apostles, other church leaders, counsel, temples, marriage, covenants, baptism, beds to sleep in, Couch, Table and chairs, sink, dishwasher, pots and pans, silverware, plates, bowls, cups, toilets;), mirrors, curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, bathtubs, showers, warm water, cold water, milk, juice, oranges, grapes, cheese, CHOCOLATE!, cookies, spaghetti, warm biscuits, hot chocolate, toast, eggs, blankets, pillows, lights, cameras, video cameras, happiness, smiles, laughter, plants in the garden, flowers, trees, grass, wind, sky, sun, stars, moon, clouds, rain, snow, ice, leaves, exercise, my body, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet, sight, smell, hearing, touch, love, hugs, kisses, kind words, thank you, please, sorry, yes, no, home, school, Kansas City, Wichita, KS, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Washington DC, Virginia, New York, Texas, future home!, diplomas, learning, caring, giving, farm, dogs, cats, cow, chickens, turkeys, pigs, goats, lawn mowers, electricity, computers, blogs, pinterest!, television, radio, cars to drive, husband that knows so much about so many, computers, just a smart guy!, games, puzzles, numbers, math, English, Spanish, preschool, good examples, bad examples, agency, paper, pencils, pens, crayons, staplers, cricut, scrapbooks, pictures, memories, brain, teeth, tongue, food, past, future, present, hardships, trials, faith, determination, perseverance, joy, movies, comedies, rainbows, hydrangea, roses, babies, diapers (not changing them, just that I have them!), toddlers, children, lessons from children, funny quotes from children, friendship, chores, clean home, bags, purse, wallet, money, financial freedom, debt, hard work, sacrifice, sweat, tears, Cedar City UT, Grace ID, Mona UT, Provo UT, Blackfoot ID, Twin Falls ID, Abilene TX, Ft.Worth TX, Goddard KS, High School, Jr. High, roads, railways, airplanes, date nights, future (bigger) vehicle, sports: soccer, volleyball, basketball, health, red hair, washing machine, dryer, cosmetology degree, scissors, trimmers, sewing machine, business, broccoli, salad, hamburgers, pie, donuts, ice cream, recipe books, cooking, going out to eat, desk, a sick child being able to keep something in his stomach (what I am dealing with today), service, …

the list goes on and on..there are so many things in life to be thankful for..

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you get a chance, to ponder on the things you are thankful for.. Count your many blessings, we have been given so much!

Love to you all this Thanksgiving season!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Pie Crust & Sweet Potato Pie

Pie Crust

2 C. Flour

1 tsp. Salt

3/4 C. Shortening

3/8 C. Chilled Water

*Put flour and salt in a bowl and mix. Cut in shortening. Add chilled water a little at a time. Cut in 1/2 w/knife. Flatten dough out with hands. Roll dough out 1/2” larger than a pie tin.

*Fill with filling

*Roll out 2nd 1/2 of dough same way and put over top of pie. Cut vent holes. Pinch to seal sides

*To prevent edges browning to soon, cover with aluminum foil until last 5 min. of baking time.

*Bake pie @ 425* til lightly brown

*Bake @ 350* for 30-40 minutes. or until knife tests done


Sweet Potato Pie

1 C. Hot mashed Sweet Potato

3 Tbsp. Butter

2 Eggs

1 C. Sugar

1/2 C. Evaporated Milk

Grated Nutmeg to Taste

2 Tbsp. Lemon Extract

*Add butter to potatoes, beat eggs, add sugar and beat again until light.

*Combine sugar and mix w/potatoes, add milk, nutmeg, and lemon extract

*Adjust flavoring. If needed add more lemon.

*Pour into 9” round pie shells.

*Bake according to pie crust directions.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You’ve been Boo’ed

My family and I started this BOO thing around our neighborhood. We Boo'ed three families and within the two weeks before Halloween this ghost sign was everywhere! So fun! Someone at church mentioned that she was grateful for whomever started it and I kept it to myself but it made me feel good. She said her kids were so excited to get a treat and even more excited to go and ding, dong, ditch other people. Ha ha! i Know I loved it when I was younger as well. We did not put a sign up in our window after starting it but it did come back to us. We had a delicious array of goodies left on our doorstep. Yum! Can't wait to do this next year!

pre-halloween 008

(I drew up a ghost to share for the BOO sign and I added some picture to the poem to make it look more exciting!)

pre-halloween 012

Print or write out this poem:

The air is cool, the season fall,
Soon Halloween will come to all.

Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore...
Tricky witches at your door.

The spooks are after things to do,
In fact a spook brought this "Boo" to you!

The excitement comes when friends like you,
Copy this note and make it two.

We'll all have smiles upon our faces,
No one will know who "BOO"ed who's places!

Just two short days to work your spell,
Keep it secret, hide it well.

Please join the fun, the seasons here .
Just spread these "BOO's" and Halloween cheer.

pre-halloween 011

(I had a clear plastic cup that I drew a pumpkin face on; orange tissue paper filled with candy and tied it with a green ribbon. Simple treat to share!)

Include a sheet of paper that says:

You have been BOOED! Please keep it going by following these directions:

  1. Enjoy your treat
  2. Place the BOO sign on your front door or visible in a window
  3. Within 2 days, make 2 copies of this note, make 2 treats & 2 BOO signs
  4. Secretly deliver to 2 neighbors/friends without a BOO.
  5. Keep an eye on nearby front doors to see how far and fast it spreads by Halloween.