Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY Loft Bed

I finished the bed a couple weeks before Christmas.. but he didn’t get the ladder until Christmas. It was his Christmas gift. :) He got to sleep on it Christmas Eve and loves it!

I’m still figuring out the ladder though.

I made the ladder and it ended up being a couple inches short. I can’t screw it to the bed, or it would be fine, because it needs to be removable, so the baby can’t climb up and fall off the top…and she DOES try :). Actually with me standing near, she has climbed up the whole way all by herself..she’s quite the little dare devil at 16mo.! ..anyway..

I need the ladder to be a couple inches higher so I can put some hooks on it, or I need the bed to be a few inches shorter, which creates a problem with the boards around the, I think I’m going to be rebuilding the ladder. In the spring, ..when it’s warmer. Until then, I help him up and down and he’s very careful!

As you can see in the pics, his room is VERY small, THEIR room is small. This loft bed has REALLY opened up the floor space in their room which has really been fantastic for playing in there through the winter, since we can’t go outside as much. We have all loved it!




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Tara said...

AWESOME! I love the orange!!!! Way to go - it is a great bed esp. for that itty-bitty room. :) (I cannot believe you find a way to build in that apartment - you are my hero) :)

Jess said...

I want to make that same bed for my son too. Glad to see that someone else has made it. Thanks for this inspiration. Luv Ana's site!!

MeckMom said...

What a fun bed! Those are some lucky kids. If you're still debating about the ladder you might want to try this trick. We made a loft bed for my son Jack and used a climbing wall on the end instead of a ladder. I used a sheet of mdf and cut foot holds with a jigsaw. I attached it with industrial strength velcro so I could remove it easily. It turned really awesome.

JCJohnson said...

Thanks for the idea! We've been wanting to get a loft bed for our oldest son, so that he can have more space to him self, while sharing a room with 2 younger brothers that are a minimum of 7yrs younger. Wasn't sure if it would work out, but I think now it will.

Anonymous said...

Really good post!