Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family Trees



We had a Church meeting tonight on Family History Work. I was in charge of our table centerpieces and they have been keeping me busy! (which explains the late post for Tasty Tuesday!) This is what I came up with! Thanks to my sister and MiL for helping glue and tie, and to my BiL for helping gather sticks! Here is what I did:

Fruit cans, rinsed and covered in cute paper with some burlap type fabric around the top, then filled with rocks for weight. Sticks stuck in to look like Family Trees. Then I hung keys, hearts and pictures of people from the 1800’s. They turned out so cute. I wish I had gotten a picture before people started arriving of the whole gym. Next time I guess! We also had a few picture of Temples around.

We had a “Heritage Potluck”, and everyone brought a dish from their heritage. (I took Norwegian Meatballs!) The food was amazing and followed by a wonderful skit put on by a cast of gust volunteers so we wouldn’t know the people. Thankyou for all that participated and put so much time effort and work into this evening..especially since we had to postpone it for 2 weeks due to weather. It was  a wonderful night!

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