Monday, February 21, 2011


While my Mother-in-Law was here this past week, among other things, we celebrated the Chinese New Year. New Year was on the 3rd this year, but the celebration lasts for two weeks. A tradition I hope to build and grow on in the years to come! Her family is Hawaiian Japanese, but they enjoy celebrating and eating Chinese food. I think every time we are all together, we always go out for Chinese! While she was here, she taught me how to make Sushi! Just California rolls, and some with crab. None of the..non-cooked fish kind..I don’t think I could stomach those. They are pretty easy and fun to make. They take some time, and it’s hard to keep them on the plate before you are done making them in our house! Along with rice, seaweed wrappers and crab, we also had cucumber, and avocado, then rolled some of them in sesame seeds. The rice was mixed with some different sushi spices and dry vinegar sushi packets. We have a GREAT Asian store here where we live too. I love to go there, even though I can’t understand what most of the packages are saying! It reminds me of the days I lived in Virginia and had a lot of friends and knew a lot of people from Asia!

IMG_4875 IMG_4877

 IMG_4881 IMG_4880

The next day, my husband made a few more from the leftovers, so we have been enjoying them!!



I wish I had gotten a picture of the other stuff, I feel another Chinese dinner coming on soon!

We also ate Pad Thai, Pot Stickers, and some Manapua. As well as a Mango Bubble Drink..that was probably my favorite!

Do you like Sushi? Have you ever made it? What else do you like in your Sushi?!

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