Monday, February 14, 2011

Munchkin Monday 2

Little Minions

Remember warm fuzzies? Well, we added an extra eye and called them little Minions! son loved it!

Pom Poms, googley eyes, and felt feet. (I think you can get it all from the Dollar Store.)

I tried a few different glues.. Elmer’s, FabriTac, and Hot Glue. The Hot Glue worked the best, so work carefully!


IMG_4772_thumb[2] IMG_4773_thumb[2]


DIY Shoe Lace Cards

I made these Sunday before church. Needing something to keep my kiddos busy during the first hour, but I wanted the pictures to be something reverent, to remind them of church, so I googled some LDS Clipart. Saved them to Word, and printed them out. Colored, and cut them down and laminated them! (I love my laminator! –purchased from Wal-Mart office section)

Here they are laminated


I cut them out and punched some holes around the edges. If you have a hole punch like a “Big Bite” you can get further in, but my little “Cropadile” worked pretty well (Scrapbooking tools). This is a eyelet setter..and I thought about even putting the eyelets in. I still may later, that may make it a little more quiet when they are stringing the shoe laces! (about 14” shoelaces are good length)




If you have any to share, please leave the ideas or blogs or websites in my comments! Thanks a bunch! Hope you enjoy!!



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