Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Relief Society!

Last night was our Relief Society Birthday Celebration for Church.

You can read more about the Relief Society HERE and HERE

We played some Get-to-know-you games and had some yummy cake and ice cream. I forgot to take pictures as the night progressed, but we had a lot of fun! I am on the board of women that put these nights together. My personal contribution for this one was to make the cup cakes, and come up with one of the games, among other small details.

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We played 4 Getting-to-Know-You games.

Shmet Shmeeves:

Everyone thinks of two things they absolutely love (opposite of pet peeves!), and shares them with each other!

Two Truths and a Lie:

Everyone writes down two things that are true about themselves, and one thing that is a lie. Go around the table and share with each other. The other people have to guess which are the two truths, and which is the lie.

Truth in a Jar:

Random questions written on individual pieces of paper and put in a jar. Someone pulls out a slip and answers the question on the paper. They have to talk for a minute, so if the question has a short answer or a yes/no, then the other people have to ask open ended questions to get that person to keep talking.

Here are the questions for Truth in a Jar that we used:

*What is your favorite season and why?

*What was your nick name growing up? How did you get it?

*Were you in any groups or clubs growing up like 4-H, girl scouts, etc.?

*What were the hairstyles like when you were young?

*What songs, recording artist and dances were popular when you were in high school? What were your favorites?

*Did you play any sports growing up?

*Did you receive any awards or special recognitions in school?

*What did you and your friends do after school during your junior high and high school years? Did you have a favorite meeting place or hangout?

*Did you have a job in high school? Where did you work? How much did you get paid?

*What did you plan to do after graduation? Did things turn out as you planned? Describe the five years of your life after graduation from high school.

*Are there any talents that have been past down to you by your relatives?

*What is your most memorable vacation from when you were young?

*When and where did you meet your spouse? How old were each of you? What were your impressions of each other? Was it “love at first sight”?

*Where did you go for your honeymoon? How long were you gone? What did you do for your first anniversary? Have you taken a second honeymoon?

*What are some traditions you had in your family growing up? What traditions do you have now?

*How many children do you have? What are their full names? How did you decide their names?

*What were your parent’s jobs while you were growing up? What level of education have you attained, what is your job and your spouse’s job now?

Scavenger Hunt

The last thing we did was a Scavenger Hunt Questionnaire. A list of Getting to know you questions that the ladies had to go around and ask..find out who has done what in their lives. For example, I signed a lot of the questions that said: someone how has been skydiving!

Here are the questions we used for the questionnaire!

Scavenger Hunt Questionnaire

1. Someone that has been to Disney Land.

2. Someone that has been skydiving.

3. Someone that has lived outside of the United States.

4. Someone that was born in Utah.

5. Someone that has attended BYU.

6. Someone that gardens/landscapes.

7. Someone that has been scuba diving.

8. Someone who is a convert.

9. Someone who speaks another language.

10. Someone who has served a mission.

11. Someone with more than 15 grandchildren.

12. Someone who was born and raised in Kansas.

13. Someone who has lived in more than 5 states.

14. Someone who played sports in HS.

15. Someone that was married in the past year.

16. Someone that has been married for 20+ years.

17. Someone with 4+ siblings.

18. Someone that has milked a cow.

19. Someone that has never been fishing.

20. Someone that has never been outside the USA.

21. Someone that has visited Palmyra.

22. Someone that has been to the Grand Canyon.

23. Someone that has been to Alaska.

24. Someone that is in school.

25. Someone that works from home.

We had so much fun that we ran out of time and didn’t even get to play the board games we brought!

Maybe that will give you some ideas for your next big gathering!

I think this short video sums up R.S. well! I am personally so grateful to be apart of this great sisterhood! It truly is a Relief Society.


Happy Birthday RS!

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Lindsay said...

I love this idea for the night! I just was called as the 'additional meetings coordinator', so I am searching for good ideas. I was wondering if you had a printable for the cupcake topper. I would LOVE to use that for an activity. Thanks so much~

Ashlee said...

Lindsay, sorry I didn't see your post sooner! I just googled the RS logo and copied it as a jpeg then pasted it to a word document a few times and cut it out with some fancy scissors! Super easy! I then just taped a toothpick to the back and stuck it in the cupcake! Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you, ashlee!!!!!
I have just started organizing activities for our ward and your site is a gold mine. Your ideas are so fresh, simple, and inspiring. We are going to have a great event.
your sister, lacy