Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Grand Central Station

This is what I call my “Grand Central Station”! I have everything in here I need to keep myself organized. I have compiled a list for a couple years of the things I would want in it. I’m still switching things around occasionally, but here is the general idea!


I just used a regular binder I had around, I think I got it at Target last year on clearance.


I do like this binder because it already has a few file pockets just inside the cover! I file my hobby store adds, grocer store adds, a pocket for envelopes, and a little spiral notebook.

I also have a pencil pouch in the front with pen, pencil, highlighter, calculator and scissors for clipping coupons.


Next you see a bunch of tabs. I have one for each month, and then one for *Emergency Contacts (like Doctor numbers, babysitters), *Contacts w/ birthdays/addresses, business cards for the random numbers I need to know on occasion like the guy I call to sharpen my hair cutting scissors, *Fun (park/activity info)! Within each month I have another 4 for each week!

So, turn month 1 over and (my dividers have pockets) I have bills tucked in the pockets, or any other mailers I need to take care of.



The next page is a monthly calendar for breakdown of that months birthdays, appointments, etc. And following that page is a one month overview write up of menus for the month.


Within each week…


I have a weekly schedule to the 1/2 hour. I REALLY like this, because, depending on how organized I am for the can put down when I want to do dishes, naps for the kids, laundry, appts, craft, blog, etc.. It helps me be a lot more productive from day to day (some of you that have served a mission for the LDS church..over 7 years ago, may vaguely recognize this! :))

Then I have a grocery list for the week (looking back at my menu and figuring out what I need to buy. (found this one online HERE)


Then I have my Cleaning Checklist for the week.. This REALLY helps me make sure I get everything done in the week that I need to! Something about having a checklist helps me..and I have heard that actually making check marks..releases endorphins, which helps you feel better as well! :) I have a “To Do” place on this list for the week as well, for errands I have to run, people I need to call, etc..


I also have some loose leaf paper for notes/ and journaling, and whatever else I may need it for. The back folder pocket (front of next months divider) I keep any receipts I may need to keep. Other ideas..expense reports, car mileage, or whatever else you may need to keep track of!


at the end of each section I have a few slips of the plastic pockets for baseball cards.. but I use it for coupons!


Okay, so at the end of a few sections I also have some other ‘organizational’ stuff, like for holidays. ie.. February: 14 days of love ideas; December: 12 days of Christmas, Gift lists, etc..

Other Sections:

*Contacts: 2 small dividers: 1.)Addresses.. a list of church directory, and friends addresses, etc. that I may need for mailing birthday cards & 2.) birthday section has just a long list in chart form of names, e-mails, birthdays and anniversaries. (personal info, so I won’t show it!) 3.) Business Cards is just a section for the random numbers I need to know on occasion like the guy I call to sharpen my hair cutting scissors.

*Emergency contact ideas.. Dr. Offices, Hospital, Police, Poison Control, Emergency Contacts (family/friends to contact if emergency), etc..Insurance info (if needed), babysitters, Visiting Teaching numbers, etc.. (I also have a couple business card holder sheets here as well!)

* Fun - w/ brochures of places to go and times they are open, parks and schedules, pools and locations, gym class schedule, lists to have on hand in case we go camping or a road trip, I don't forget anything. (I have a business card holder here)

*more section Ideas you could use: ~Preparedness - Food/Emergency Storage Info, ~Section for Husband – school schedule, any important info/papers, mail

If anyone is interested, I can see if I can figure out how to make some of my pages pdf, for download! Let me know if you are! I made most of them up just on Microsoft Word and Excel Documents!


Update: Okay, so with the help of Laura (thanks Laura!), I think I have this pdf thing firgured out! maybe! Click on the links to down load!

Monthly Calendar

Weekly Planner

Monthly Menu Planner

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

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Anonymous said...

i really need to do something like organization need some orginizing!

Donna said...

I am soooo impressed! I am organizationally challenged. I need to try a system like this.

Laura said...

That is super organized. If you do decide to make .pdfs, there is a super easy program that you can make documents into .pdfs for free. You download it from and it is super easy to use.

Stef said...

This is so awesome! I am in need of some organizing skills ;)

**** April **** said...

Great ideas here! Wondering... do you print out your month's worth of blank forms on the 1st of the month so that your binder doesn't get too thick/bulky? Or do you laminate them and write directly on them?

Ashlee said...

Laminating is an AWESOME idea.. I have one and love using it! ;) I actually did laminate my weekly chore chart, and have the boxes that I use a dry-erase marker on!..I want to laminate some more!

I actually have been printing out about 3-4 months at a time. I love planning and being able to look ahead, but yes..12 months would make for a heavy binder!

Wendy@Craft Goodies said...

I LOVE this and so badly need it in my life!
Thanks for linking it to my party, I'm featuring this post on my Tuesday Treats.
Thanks again Ashlee!

JCJohnson said...

I have something similar too, but I have added some different things, that I got from the She calls it her control journal. Great organizing! Keep up the great job.

Anonymous said...

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