Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome Hailee

I come from a family of crafters! This is my sister, Hailee! She has been working on a lot of things lately that I asked her to share, so she is actually going to be joining me as a co-author of this blog! Hope you enjoy what she has to show us!

Hailee's Bridal Shower 07-16-08 116

Hi! My name is Hailee. I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful, happy little daughter (16 months). Adison loves to color and play with her friends that come over often. We are expecting a baby boy in June and he already likes mom’s attention. He’s very active!

I graduated with my BS in studio arts a couple of years ago. I guess I’ve always loved arts and crafts. My minors are in business and piano teaching. My husband is in school until this July when he will graduate with his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. From there it’s all about finding a job and seeing where we are needed.

I am the Relief Society Activities Leader in my ward right now and I’m always on the lookout for new crafts and activities for us to try. I’ve enjoyed watching what my sister posts on her blog and I’m excited to be invited to share some of my crafty endeavors too!

I have several craft projects underway and even more that I need to get started. My main goal right now is to catch up on Adison’s (my daughter) scrapbook before our new little one comes.


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Welcome Hailee! Look forward to seeing your projects!