Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Finger Puppets

finger puppets 005 finger puppets 008

finger puppets 006

finger puppets 007

finger puppets 001

finger puppets 003 finger puppets 004

finger puppets 010 finger puppets 002

This is one of my favorite new crafts.It’s so fun and easy. I got the idea by looking up finger puppets online and then I designed my own. I’ll show the how-to ‘tutorial’ when I make my next puppets. Basically it’s cut felt and hand stitched together.

These are so fun because you can make puppets to fit different stories or or songs or characters. I made a few farm animals to go with the Song “Old McDonald Had a Farm.” I still need to make a few more. I have a dog in progress that’s really cute. I need to make one more monkey and an crocodile for another little song about monkeys swinging in the trees and teasing Mr. Crocodile.

The aliens are super fun and easy because they don’t have to look like anything exactly. If you want one eye, just do one; five arms, okay. My daughter loves them. They are great for keeping her entertained and quiet.


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Alaina and Mitchell said...

haha I love the aliens!! How fun are these!?