Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Candy Bouquet

I made these for a valentines party to be used as a give away for a raffle.

They were a big hit, and it was fun watching people enjoy something I made!

I think I first learned to make candy bouquets when I was a teenager to earn money for girls camp, and have found a few ideas to perfect them since. I know there are a lot of ways to make them, but here is how I do it.

Items Needed:

Skewer Sticks, green Floral Tape, Tissue paper (choice of color), glue gun, mini candy bars, vase/bucket/base (great from dollar store!) to put it all in, green Floral Foam, filler candies if you are using a clear base.

1. Cover each stick with floral tape to look like stems. Glue a piece of candy bar onto the blunt end of each stick. (If the candy has a flap in the back you can open a little- put the glue between the flap and wrap the flap around the stick. It will hold to the stick better.) Make sure to work quickly so you don’t melt the candy bar!

2. Cut tissue paper squares for foliage. Bigger squares = more coverage. It's good to use several squares (3-4) on one stick for extra bush. You can alternate the colors too if you like!

3. Poke a hole with the stick, through the tissue paper layers. Fold the tissue paper up around the stick, just under the candy bar and wrap it with the floral tape. As you wrap the tape around the tissue paper, stretch the tape a little and it will become sticky and hold better. Make as many more flowers as you need to fill the vase.

4. Cut your foam to fit in the bottom of your vase. Put tissue paper or a baggy or something around the foam to disguise it and to keep the foam under control. Once you have put the foam in the vase, you can fill the bowl with filler candy around the foam (m&m’s or skittles are good! something small) or just cover the foam in the tissue paper.

{Another idea for a base - use a bigger block of foam and get full size candy bars to glue around the foam. This makes a great candy base}

5. Stick the candy flowers into the foam! If you want to vary the height of the flowers you can push the stick deeper into the foam or you can cut the sticks to various heights.

6. You can tie some ribbon around the vase to give it a finished look. If you are giving it away, you can wrap it in cellophane and tie a ribbon around it!

This one is all Twix bars. Yum!


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Jenifer said...

that is so cute. i got one of those for my birthday last year and loved it!