Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Holly

My first attempt at pro photos.. I have a LOT to learn, and still working on a name for myself, but here’s what we came out with!

My good friend had her baby a few weeks ago. Holly Olivia is now 5 weeks old, and one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen.

She has a couple wonderful parents and is much loved! I look forward to many more photo shoots with this little one!!






I have a few friends that have just had babies, and many more that are pregnant. It’s been quite exciting!


Alaina and Mitchell said...

cute!! You did a great job! I need to involve Nathan's quilt in more photo shoots...I worked hard enough on it, right!? :o) Did you get the onesie with "1 month" on it from If not you should totally check it out! WAY cute site! They've done this with their daughter, Clara, every week with a different yard of fabric behind her and they'll make a quilt from it when she's a year old!

Ashlee said...

I DID get the "1 month" onesie idea off "YHL"! It's just photo shopped onto the onesie! but I love how they have done Clara's!