Friday, January 28, 2011

Brush Stroke Mod Podge

I was helping out in Activity Days last week, teaching the 8-11 year olds and their moms how to decorate cupcakes with a star tip. I had a blast, probably more fun than they did! They all did a great job though! So, besides cupcake decorating, they also did this little craft. I asked how to do it, and the sister let me try it! I can’t wait to buy some and do some more pictures of my kids on canvas!

It’s a brush stroke ModPodge over some pictures.. really easy.

These are the pictures I did.

IMG_4545 IMG_4549


It is really neat looking when it is all done! (I don’t know if you can tell here very well what the finish looks like, but it’s the best I can get!)


You can get the mod podge from any big local craft store, but make sure you have your coupon! Make sure you buy the one that says “Brushstroke” on the bottle! You’ll also need a small 1/2” or so, bristle brush.


Streak the mod podge on in long strokes, just to get the picture covered at first, then you can go back over it in just little “x” like strokes to cover the whole thing. If you drop a hair of the brush, just pick it out with your fingers and brush over that spot again. It is very forgiving and you can put a couple layers on. My picture bubbled up a little when it was wet, but as it dried, it flattened back out!

If you use this style for photo pictures, you do need to seal the picture first with some kind of Clear Acrylic Sealer (there are lots of different brands), but if it’s just a picture like the ones I have here, you can go right for the mod podge.



Color is bad on this one, but you can see the brush stroke better on it.


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