Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cookie Cutter Storage Tip

Tip: Our nursery at church gets Animal crackers from Sam’s Club and they come in these big bins. We had an extra one that they were done using, so I brought it home and cleaned it out and now use it to store our cookie cutters! It’s perfect, and will hold many more! Hmm..these would be good for many more things… ….crafty things!!!  (ribbon, paints)

Oh, ..or kids toys.. or, or, …endless possibilities! :)

 IMG_4481 IMG_4480


Joy said...

Love those containers!

JCJohnson said...

We love those containers!!! We've used it to store playdoh tools for the daycare, my DS#2's small toy soliders, legos, etc. Perfect size for kids 3 and up to carry, when putting away, great to see what's in it, and perfect in keeping curious 8 month olds out of it. lol.