Tuesday, January 18, 2011

“Hoo” Are You?!!


1. Do you use an alarm clock or some device to wake you up, or do you wake up on your own?

..If my kids are a “device” :) I sleep in as long as I possibly can, which is usually until my son is telling me he needs to go potty. He’s on a loft bed, and I haven’t quite finished getting the ladder finished, so he’s “stuck” until I go help him down. Actually, it’s kind of nice to have him “stuck”! :)

2. If you could go on any game show, which won would you choose?

Price is Right.. all the way!

3. Do you prefer the weather to be hot or cold?

Hot I guess, I’m too lazy when it’s cold out. I don’t even want to get out of my pj’s!

4.What color of clothing do you wear the most?

I guess I wear lots of browns and earth tones.

5. What is your favorite color?


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