Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Diaper Cake

I helped with the Baby Shower of 2 of my friends last week. They are both having little girls!! Here were my gifts!

One’s nursery is Purple and White to celebrate K-State.

 IMG_3943 IMG_3957

The other nursery is Black, White and Yellow!


I wrapped each diaper individually and tied it, then tied them together in groups. 6 for the top, then 6 for the bottom..set up some more diapers and tied another 12 around the 6 for the bottom. Had a few left over that I just shoved in anywhere I could, which helped make it a little tighter! The “lollipops” are a washcloth rolled and tied, then I put the spoon on the back and wrapped some saran wrap over it and tied it. I also added a travel size baby powder, travel formulas for emergency, and a little rattle toy. In the past I’ve also included q-tips, nose bulb, clippers, thermometer, butt paste (which I personally prefer over desitin)..more little necessary stuff. But the price can add up quick! It was nice to make two, that way I could share cost between! I also always like to include a little goodie for the mom. After all.. she DESERVES it for all her hard work!! :D

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