Sunday, November 28, 2010

Countdown to Christmas!!



My friend and I made these last week! I put a couple pieces of candy..1 for each kid, and an activity for each day inside the little box!

Boxes ordered from In bulk but a great price!

The boxes are 2” square. Cover them with paper a 2”x2” piece of paper and use a paper circle punch to punch out the tab. I used embossing, vinyl and paper for the numbers! and arranged the numbers as you can see…spelling some out, regular numbers, roman numerals and a combination of some! The boxes are able to slide in as drawers to a long box made of cardstock and then covered in contact paper so it will hold up against little kids!


1. Make homemade Hot Cocoa

2. Make Christmas Ornaments

3. Reindeer Candy Canes

4. Play with Little People Nativity and talk about Jesus

5. Gingerbread House

6. Christmas Caroling

7. Make cookies for Santa

8. Wrap Presents

9. Go for a drive to look at Christmas Lights

10. Ring a Bell for Salvation Army

11. Play in the Snow! Snowmen and Snow Angels

12. Make Snow Globes

13. Make Christmas Cards for Grandparents and Great-Grands

14. String Popcorn

15. Make Gift Tags

16. Make Napkin Rings for Christmas Dinner

17. Silverware Stockings

18. Pictures in the Snow

19. Visit Santa at the Mall

20. Make Paper Snowflakes

21. Make gifts

22. (Jesus

23. Watch a Christmas movie

24. read Luke 2

25. Letter to Santa

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