Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Bedding Before

Well! We're having a girl!! Did I tell you that already?! and I've got my work cut out for me!

Today I went shopping for some new bedding..or fabric to make bedding. A couple months ago I found a mini Portable Crib for free so I snatched it, found a mattress for $20..and now I'm going to make the bedding to's not regular size crib bedding. I am excited about this little crib because the baby will be sharing a room with our son and it is sooo small. I've been cleaning out and getting rid of things while I still have the energy too, and trying to figure out how I'm going to fit 2 kids and their beds and a recliner and all his toys in this little room..anyway..
I found some fabric I are the projects I've got up my sleeve:

Crib bumper - w/white pattern
Crib sheets - pink and green
Crib skirt - brown polka dots

I found some other really cute fabric that I may snag and make another set for this bed that matches the brown skirt too! Need to figure this one out first though!
Then I'll paint these letters to match the bedding..and glue on the little flowers like I did for my sons name and make this dragonfly mobile with the clothes pins pictured and then I'll have to figure out some fabric for a quilt! The ribbon is for a little taggie blanket!

This will be the mobile over her bed!


Kathryn said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! yay for girls!! and i LOVE the bedding set colors! the white with pattern is ADORABLE!! let me know if you need/want me to make you anything ;) if only i could send you a congradulatory cake by mail, lol.

Ashlee said...

Thanks Kathryn! We're super excited!! A cake would be great..but my doctor politely asked me if I could start walking and exercising more, lol!!..I think she thinks I'm gaining weight too fast..I am blaming it on the cake class I took! Plus,we're having more cake this week for my sons birthday! You are great for thinking of me though!