Friday, May 1, 2009

Clever Idea

So, my friend got a BIG bag of Popcorn for their wedding..and after a few years hadn't used it. When they finally went to pop it, it wasn't so they put it in a big tub and gave it to their daughter to play in. I borrowed it for our Pack Meeting tonight. Then theme was Jurassic Park. So I put the boys awards in the "dinosaur" eggs (leftover from Easter) and threw in some dinosaurs (12 for $1) and magnifying glasses (12 for $1.50) and had them all find the egg with their name on it! They had an absolute blast.. I wish I had gotten a pic of about 8 boys all hunting for their eggs through the popcorn! I think I will do this for my son! It's not nearly as messy as sand. For dessert we had dirt cups..pudding with oreos over the top. It was a fun night! I wonder what we'll do next month..these callings are sure keeping me busy! For Webelo's Den Meetings we are going to be making some things out of wood and leather this next month..crafty boys!lol!!

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