Friday, June 12, 2009

Candle Holders - w/tutorial

Things you will need:
baby food jars
beads (that will fit on the wire)
Goo-Gone for the jars and a paper towel
Needle-nose Pliers (for bending and cutting the wire!)
Tea light candle

I used baby food jars..I figured applesauce would smell the best if there was still a smell after they were washed. I cleaned them out and used Goo-Gone to remove the Sticky label. I actually had to use some 'elbow grease' too..that is some tough glue! Pick your bead color. I think glass beads would be case the get hot with the candle..but these ones I had on hand are plastic.

Next I wound some wire around itself and slipped it over the rim of the jar and pulled tight..then twisted the wire up so it wouldn't slip and come loose.

String your beads onto the wire to make the hanger. Then attach it to the other side by slipping the wire under and around a few times. Needle-nosed wire pliers/cutters are awesome for this!

Then I strung some more beads onto a smaller piece of wire, fed it through one side, wrapped it around and through and strung some more beads onto the other side of it and wrapped it to tie it off. I then bent the wires to little curly-q's, and you're done!Easy Shmeasy! I think this would be a fun craft to do with your/a child! Make a bunch and hang them around your backyard, or for a birthday party or something! A boy could make one and just use a different color scheme!

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