Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homemade Christmas

As budget is a little tighter this year, due to being in school and the economy, I have decided to have a homemade Christmas. All my Christmas gifts this year will be homemade. I am really excited because I feel it is a part of sharing myself and my talents which will mean more to me, and hopefully to all the recipients. It cuts out a lot of the hustle and bustle and stress of Christmas shopping, and will help me focus more on the true meaning of Christmas.How to make a glass nativity:

what you need:
Pattern and tape
Contact Paper
Exacto Knife
Acid Etching
Water to rinse

Tape the pattern on the back and some contact paper on the front. With an exacto knife, cut out the pattern. Put the Acid Etching on and leave it for about 15 minutes. Since the contact paper is sticky and stuck to the glass it prevents the acid etch from spreading where it shouldn't. Rinse it with water, peel off the contact paper and pattern and you are done..well, then you have to cut the block, sand and paint it.

This was an easy project and I love it a lot. My mom is making a lot of these for Christmas gifts. Mom said I could make my own if I wanted to, and I did because I wanted to learn! I got to take it early because I want to display it this year and not have to wait till next.

*Here is a fun blog I am following that has a lot of great craft ideas. She is doing a 30 Days of a Homemade Christmas! If you are doing anything crafty for the holidays, let me know, I would love to see your ideas!

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The Gilbert's said...

i love this project! where did you find the glass and stand though? and also the pattern? i love your blog! the crafts are right up my alley ;) keep up the great work :)