Sunday, November 16, 2008

Advent Calendar

A friend asked me if I had any ideas for making an advent calendar. Here are a few ideas I found...This is not my picture, but we had one exactly like this growing up that my mom made. In the numbers below are little ornaments. You take one out each day and hang it on the could also make little present boxes for the pockets to put under the tree.Here is ours for this year. Actually, I cheated and found this one at Target for $2.50. I love to craft, but when I can find it for cheaper than I can make it, I figure I might as well. It has a little candy cane hooked to a string that we will move each day as we get closer to Christmas. This would be and easy one to make.Her is one I found online. They covered matchboxes and in each is a little activity to do each day. Read the Christmas Story, go caroling, make gift tags, watch a Christmas movie as a family, make Christmas Cards to send out, etc..
And some more ideas with matchboxes.. make ornaments out of them, or you could stack them up and glue them together so they make drawers. Cover or paint them and use them for the same idea!

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