Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Fun

To get into the Halloween spirit I made some little bats. Super easy and cute! They are hanging in the entryway to our apartment along with some cheesecloth spider webs and orange lights. It’s so fun!

Supplies for bats: desired color of paper/cardstock – I used purple and black; google eyes; double-sided tape or really good glue; fish line or string; something thin and sharp to punch small holes – I used large sewing needle.

Directions: The bats are circles and I cut a chunk out of the top to make it look like ears. Take another circle and cut in half – those halves will be wings. I used decorative scissors that I had to make edges on wings; otherwise you can cut your own design with regular scissors. Use tape/glue to add googel eyes. Tape wings to the back part of bat circle. Poke a hold and feed fishing line through. Tie the fishing line in a knot in the back and cut desired length. Oh, you can make them different sizes and connect smaller ones to larger ones (picture below: tiny black bat is taped to large purple one).


This would be cute as a mobile if you wanted to hang it from a hanger or hoops or some sort but I liked the ‘all over’ idea. I just taped each one around the ceiling.

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