Thursday, December 30, 2010


I love my wreath! I’ve been wanting a nice big one for a while. I enjoy my little ones too, but for Christmas I wanted a nice one to put on my door!


These bulbs are round, but flat. I cut the picture and rolled it up. Once it was inside I had to use a tool to flatten it out a little, but it turned out great! The second ornament..well, it was actually a toy that I screwed and eye ring into the top of. I wrote my son’s name and 2010. This was his year for Toy Story for sure!!


Baking and making goodies!



Truffles and Spumoni cookies among other yummies!


The kids, mostly my son, enjoyed pulling the presents in and out over and over all day long. When my husband told him to open them, he looked at me with a funny look and shook his head and said “nooooo, we don’t open presents till Christmas time!” hehe.


J got his PS3 wheel as a Birthday/Christmas present. He built the little table himself and has been having a blast!


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