Friday, December 31, 2010

Dad is a Crafter!

My parents are both really good at crafts. I enjoy watching them come up with things to make, I guess that is where I get it!

Mom and I saw this little bow and arrow at a Craft fair earlier this year, and knew it would be easy to make! I can do a tutorial if anyone would like. I think it’s my son’s favorite present. He immediately stuck the arrows down the back of his shirt and started shooting them off. I am amazed at 3 how well he does it! He says “look mom!, I’m Robin Hood!” (One of his favorite shows right now) next project is to make him a quiver!

 IMG_4252 IMG_4255

Dad whipped up some little PVC doll furniture as well for my niece. Mom sewed all the fabric stuff. We just don’t have the room right now, although, I think my daughter does need this little bed! I am also digging this one on though. We’ll see!


IMG_4320 IMG_4321

Stroller for baby dolls, and a chair for the toddler! Dad made these for me and my 3 sisters when we were little too..we had a bunk bed for our dolls though.. future project!

My present are some Card Holders. Mom came up with the plan last Christmas, and dad whipped them out! He had a tall order this year. I’m going to be painting mine! :)




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Love the PVC furniture!