Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Traditions

…for this year..and to start in future years! I will likely add more or change things up in the future, but I want to document so I remember them! :)

Leading up to Christmas:

Advent Calendars

Elf on the Shelf

Treat plates delivered to friends (and caroling w/it when the kids are older), a night to go look at Christmas lights and open pj’s that night so they can enjoy them through the Christmas holiday.

Christmas Eve

Chinese dinner! (I forgot my camera though) J’s family tradition, my families was a fish fry w/french fries (Fish and what the Savior ate) But they have fish and fries at the Chinese it’s a total WIN WIN!

Christmas Eve watch “Joy to the World” or read Luke 2. Have a Birthday cake and maybe sing Happy Birthday to Jesus while the kids are younger.

Christmas morning:

All go into the Christmas tree together singing “Here we go in to the Christmas Tree, the Christmas Tree, the Christmas Tree. Oh here we go into the Christmas Tree so early Christmas morning!”

IN OUR PAJAMAS!! (Very important.. ‘cause growing up, I always had to be dressed for the day before we got to go down to the tree!)

Cinnamon Rolls!



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