Thursday, April 9, 2009


So, I am feeling..I don't know. I guess a little overwhelmed and bummed and... a mixture of things. Probably it has to do w/my being pregnant, I don't know. I have a few crafts started..but they aren't quite working out the way I am wanting them to. I haven't given up, it is just taking me a little longer to get excited and get them finished! I have a whole list of things to do once I find out if I'm having a boy or I fell like I am kinda' just in a waiting field right now.

I do want to do some Easter Eggs..hopefully tomorrow! A couple AWESOME ideas from Martha Stewart are the Silk Died Eggs. And I love these Marbleized Eggs and especially the Marbleized Eggs- but I don't know where to get the Methyl Cellulose for those last ones.

Happy Easter everyone! I can't believe it's already here. I am glad for SPRING though!

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