Friday, October 3, 2008

Eye-Spy Ornaments

You've heard of I - spy bags, well, here's a twist. This is what I worked on tonight at the Get R' Done group. I've been thinking about Christmas gifts lately, but I also wanted to make some personalized Christmas ornaments for us this year.. I know it's a bit early, but now that is out of the way. They were fun to make! I found a variety of buttons with little shapes on them. I got a variety of shapes related to things we have done during the year...
Mine has
a plane - skydiving
a tent - camping
a sewing thimble - crafting
a Statue of Liberty and an American flag for our trip to the east coast
...and a few other things I can't remember at this moment.

J's has very similar to mine, but a pencil and paper for school, and a wrench for working on his car, and no sewing thimble!

G's has
a car - road trips we took this summer
french fries and bananas - he started eating real food this year
a birthday cake with 1 candle - turned 1 this year

you get the idea! Now in years to come we can look back and remember all the fun things we did this year! I still need to attach tags to them to tell what to look for.
Can you believe I came up with this one on my own!

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