Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some old projects

I haven't had a lot of time these past couple weeks...because I can't let myself craft when I have cleaning and other things that are slightly more important! =)
So, here are a few old projects for ideas: Here is something I made about 6 years ago, it has gotten a little bit squashed in the boxes through the years, but I still like it and hang it each year!Just after we moved into our current place of residence, I found some fabric for $1/yard and grabbed about 15 yards. While my mom was visiting she helped me make these:

We love this one, because our Dining and Living room are all one big room, this divides it for us and gives us a little more privacy. It's nice to pull shut and not have to look at the mess in the kitchen while we are trying to watch a movie or something.. also prevents glare on the T.V.! We like it.

Here are a couple curtains to tie the rooms together.

And some pillows too! I use pineapple decorations in my kitchen, but my couches are a dark blue, so this fabric was perfect to tie the colors together!

I put together these frames shortly after we got married. You've probably seen "The Living Christ" one before, but I also did it to "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and used our family pictures. I update this one every so often with new family pics. (sorry about the angles of the makes them a little harder to see, but it was that or have a big glare from the lights.)

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