Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Are you getting ready for Christmas?!!

Now that we’ve posted about Thanksgiving, I have something else on my mind..Christmas will be here so soon!

I bought these make-up cases at the dollar tree, emptied, washed, and dried them. Then I took some old nail polish that I honestly don’t know where I got and don’t know if I have ever even used it..anyway, I just filled them full enough to not be able to see the bottom anymore. They will dry, and be in my daughters Christmas stocking! She is always watching me and wanting to wear make-up.. so now we’ll be able to do it together! (I can’t take the credit for this though.. found it on Pinterest! I <3 Pinterest!!)


IMG_7906   IMG_7907




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Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life said...

I saw this idea on Pinterest too and was bummed I didn't have any empty make up cases. I never thought of using Dollar Store ones. Thanks for the idea!