Monday, May 2, 2011


Wow, I’ve got a lot to learn about this new computer, and my updated Live Writer. Anyway, I’m slowly figuring it out! So, while I was away visiting family, we got together and did some wood crafting. I gave some of these “HOME” projects away for Christmas last year, but by the time I got around to cutting them out, it was too cold to cut the whole years worth, so they are getting them slowly throughout the year!









I had originally done an egg for April, but like my chick better. I am planning to decoupage some paper to the back though, to turn it into an egg as well! And I think I’ll decoupage the next star I paint as well w/some cute 4th of July scrapbook paper! I have a couple other ideas as well, for June maybe a beehive would be better and for March a pot of gold.. I’ll post them when I get them made!

I guess my daughter thought she’d help me figure out what else I needed! I found Crackers!




YULIA said...

I love the HOME project. Did you cut the letters and shapes yourself or did you buy them?

Ashlee said...

I did cut them myself, but I know you can buy them!

Ashlee said...

Thanks Yulia! I did cut them myself, but I know you can buy them. In fact, if I ever get an etsy shop up and running, I want to sell them too! :)

Cydney Jensen said...

Ashlee those are so cute! I am hoping we can get together in July and get some cut out and have our fun group!