Monday, March 29, 2010

baby bibs (dentist style)

I love using a wash rag as a bib..instead of bibs. It's cheaper and I can use the rag to wipe everything up when I'm done feeding! I found these clips at Wal-Mart in the office section. They are used for badges. I wanted something a little different but didn't know where to look. So I pulled off the plastic piece with the button and fed the ribbon through. And there ya have it. The wash rags I got were also from Wal-Mart..a pack of 9or12..i can't remember for $3 and they are soft enough for me to use on her face. I gave these as part of a gift for a baby shower last week.Same idea..same clips..ribbon hooks to binky insted of another clip! I love Fabri tac's my new "hot glue" w/o being hot, so I don't have to worry about my son getting burnt if I have to leave and come back to it, and you can get it just about anywhere! lol..she's not a 'binky baby' actually, never would take she was pretty curious about it!Or, you can leave the plastic piece on and have an easy way to hook it to your bag or anywhere you won't lose it.

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Alaina and Mitchell said...

Wow! How smart! I'm still trying to transition my brain from just noticing awesome tips like this to actually saving them!