Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Baby!

Not a real 4mo. old is still small enough! But here's what I got in the mail the other day! I have been wanting one for a couple years now, and had finally saved up enough for it! So, I have A LOT to learn, but I am excited!!


Kathryn said...

awesome! i'm excited for you too! i have a camera on my wishlist with our tax refund also :) which one is that and how do you like it so far? i'm looking at the canon xsi.

Alaina and Mitchell said...

WOW!! That's so exciting!! I'm trying to convince Mitch I need a nice camera (ya know, so I can practice and get good for a few years before babies come!--perfect reasoning, right? :o), but i'll have to save up for it too! I bet it felt great to finally get it after you worked so hard for it!!

Ashlee said...

This is the Canon Rebel XSI! I'm having fun so far..overwhelmed a little..SO much to learn! I am using you tube though..among other books I plan on checking out of the library. Weeeeeeee!