Thursday, January 21, 2010

Felt Heart Wreath

Heart shaped wreath f/JoAnn's $4, but with a 50%coupon it was only $2

1/2 yard red felt w/a 40%coupon.. $1something.

Total project.. $3.49 +a box of straight pins that I already had on hand!

Tutorial here who got it from here!

Happy Crafting!

~All you crazy crafter's with kids will appreciate the 1:00am hour this is being posted!


Kathryn said...

i LOVE this! so cute! i saw the tutorial and put it on my list too. but i'm having a hard time finding a heart shaped wreath :(

Ashlee said...

I got the wreath at JoAnn's. Our store had a bunch of them! Good luck!

**Amy** said...

YOur wreath turned out so cute! Great job! Thanks for the link!

Shaun and Katee Smith said...

These are neat! I want to make one for every holiday to hang on my door! (Let's see if it happens.)