Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chalkboard Placemat

Here's something I made this week besides all my baby slings!! It's a Chalkboard on one side, and a place mat on the other! My son is SUPER into Lightning McQueen and loves eating on his new place mat. I need to go get some chalk still, but I found the idea here: Little Birdie Secrets. It's one of my all time favorite craft sites! They give a good tutorial, but I had to improvise a bit because I couldn't find the oil cloth or the chalk cloth at my craft store.

Instead, I got the chalk paint for canvas cloth and painted my own chalk board. It can still be wiped clean with a rag and soap and water. (I'm excited to find other things I can turn into chalk boards). The other side I used some of the cheap plastic tablecloth material - (because it had Lightning on it), but then I ended up covering it with some plastic so it is more durable. I used the bias tape around the sides and voila!

tip: If you choose to paint your chalkboard make sure to let it sit the full 24 hours to dry, because as it dries it shrinks the fabric a little. You don't want to go sewing everything together before it shrinks up or it will ruin your project! Otherwise, Little Birdie Secrets has some sites you can buy chalk oil cloth runs on average about $10/yard from what I have researched.

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