Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Sling and Nursing Cover

Here are a couple things I made today! You can find the sling instructions here: MyKarmaBaby and I kinda' came up with the nursing cover on my own. I'll be making a few more as my sister and a bunch of my friends are all expecting, but this one is for me!! I'll post a how-to for the nursing cover when I get to it! I made them out of flannel that I got from Jo-Anns.. it is 50% off this week, so I got it for about $3/yard. I was excited!!

I was actually surprised my son fit in it, because it is made for an infant. I don't know what gender baby I am having yet, so I found this fun fabric that can be good for either and fits my personality too! They are both lined with the green fabric that you see in the strap of the nursing cover.

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Anonymous said...

Wow really nice collection of Green Baby Sling...