Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Command Central

Here is an idea I found at this site.. Simplify 101. It has a lot of great organizing ideas

I decided I could make one that would work for me at a much cheaper cost than to buy this one. It holds all my notes and important papers and numbers.
I have divided it with pocket dividers to hold any extra papers or things I need to keep. I have included a pencil bag so I always have a pen, pencil, and highlighter on hand. I have also added a couple business card holders (baseball card holders) for important cards. The sections I have are..

1. Calendar w/a monthly calendar and a weekly planner broken down by the 1/2 hour that helps me be more productive. I used one of these on my mission and it helped me be more accountable for my time. When I use it now I don't feel like my day has slipped by me without getting things done.
2. Emergency Info & Important Numbers.. Police, Poison Control, Emergency Contacts, Ward Directory, Dr.'s, Insurance ...whatever other numbers you need (I have a couple business card holder sheets here)
3. To Do - Notebook paper, To Do list, weekly House Cleaning Chart
4. Finances - Zipper for receipts I need to keep, Expense Report, Car Mileage,..anything I need to keep track of for Taxes.
5. Dinner Planner & Shopping List - Weekly Dinner planner, Grocery Shopping Check List
6. Jared's School Schedule, important info papers.
7. Preparedness - Food/Emergency Storage Info
8. Fun - w/ brochures of places to go and times they are open, parks and schedules, YMCA class schedule, lists to have on hand in case we go camping or a road trip, etc..so I don't forget anything. (I have a business card holder here)

Maybe this will help you get organized, it has helped me tremendously! There is another idea for this on The Errand of Angels blog if you want to check it out!

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Shaun and Katee Smith said...

This is cool! What a great idea! I need to come up with something like this for myself, but I first need to come up with the time to do it. :)