Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get-R-Done Group!

Hello Ladies,
~I will be taking over the Get-R-Done Enrichment group as Sis. Andrea Swenson has recently moved. We will still be meeting the first Thursday of each month starting at 7:00pm. We took a couple months off for summer, and because I have been traveling so much, but travels are over, summer is coming to an end, and I am excited to get this going again.
~I also will have a craft every other month that you are welcome to come and learn (with very little or no cost) starting in September. In September we will be learning how to make little baby booties. They are so cute, and don't take long to make. Here is a picture of them! I will also have a pair to show in Relief Society soon. This is an optional project. If you would like to learn how to make them, Great! (I will soon be getting together a list of the things you need to, scrap fabric.) If not, that is totally fine, still bring your own projects and come and enjoy some socializing while you get-r-done! I am excited! I will need an RSVP so I know how many would like to make the shoes, but I will ask for that in a different e-mail soon. ~Hope to see you there (here!). Also if you have any easy, fun crafts that you would like to make or show how to make, leave a comment and let me have your ideas so we can work them in! Thanks a bunch!

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HLFackrell said...

You are so crafty. Those are some wonderful ideas. I think I would like to do the booties.