Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Get-R-Done Enrichment Group - (reposted)

~~So, I didn't make this one, my mom did..for Gideon. But they are super easy to make. If you would like to learn how, let me know!
~~I'm going to host the Get-R'-Done Enrichment Group after this summer is over. Our idea is to have a craft each month that is optional for people to make. They will not be more that a couple dollars..or a bring-your-own supplies type thing... then, if you don't want to make the craft, you can bring your own stuff, whatever you are working on and "Get-R'-Done". The idea is still pending approval, but I am excited! I have been trying to come up with some ideas. Let me know what ideas you have. What crafts and things you want to learn how to make! I have been told that people want learn to make the little shoes that I make, quiet books, and some FHE pack ideas (let me know specifics).
~~My other ideas are: some appliqu├ęd onesies (as on my blog also-neckties), baby carriers, nursing covers, maybe people can teach us different techniques... decoupaging/painting tips, basic crocheting, knitting or sewing to get us started, felt food (I have a new favorite crafter's blog I go to a lot), aprons, 1 hour bags, organizing ideas, genealogy ideas, picture blocks, crafty Christmas gift ideas, digi/paper scrap ideas, make birthday/thank you/get well cards, Recipe swap/book ideas, cake decorating, woodwork ideas, FHE boards, I don't know..I'm just pulling these out of the air..what are you interested in? I will need a definite pattern and idea each month -and a teacher as needed. Fast and easy ideas would be best!
~~Thanks for your ideas! Also want to share this way cute idea.. look at this mail center/play house! Stay tuned to 'My Swanky Crafts' for upcoming crafts I am working on!


Tara said...

These all look so fun, Ashlee -- I'm so excited! I love crafty stuff, but don't have the time (or space...) to work on them on my own - I need a support group. :)

Webster family said...

I want to know how to make the spy bag. I think Chrstine would really like it. How do you have time for crafts. I can't even get to my scrapbooking lately!

Ashlee Dunlap said...

Well,'s hard a lot of days. I craft while Gideon is taking his naps or after he's gone to sleep in the evenings. (If I don't have dishes to do, laundry to fold, bathrooms to clean..etc.(so it's not very often!)). But Jared and I have also given ourselves a few hours each week that is personal time. So either Friday or Sat night I take 3-5 hours to go and do what I want, and he takes time (usually Sat. morning) to do his thing. That is usually when I go to the Scrapbook Store to work on my Scrapbook. It took us a bit to get into a groove, but it is really working out well for us! Of course you always have to be ready for a change of plans. Mostly it's not finding time as much as finding space that is the problem, 'cause when I get my sewing machine out, I like to keep it out for a bit, but it's hard in our little apt. I do what I gotta' do though!