Monday, July 21, 2008

A Quick and Easy Project

So this was a quick and easy project.
~I got the letter from JoAnn's, chose my scrapbook paper and traced the letter onto it, then cut the letter out of the paper. Glued the two together and sanded the edges. Antiqued the edges, added a sticker and some ribbon and Voila! My kitchen is decorated in Pineapples and that is where I will hang this! It would probably be cuter in brighter colors if you are making one!

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Andrea said...

I forgot all about your craft blog. That is a great idea. The brushes I used are somewhere in all stuff that we have. I just can't remember where. I search for them in Picasa, and then look at all of them. I will look and get back to you on that.

Jonathan and I are working on a Design clip that we willl be adding to the blog. SO watch for that.

You are very creative, and I love what you are doing. Isn't it so fun to use what you have, and spend very little money to make something great. I thrive on it.