Saturday, July 26, 2008

Evolution of the Craft Room!

>Someday I'll have a whole room for my crafts! But for now, I must make do with what little space I have..and appreciate it! Anyway. I had all my crafts on a table behind our couch in the living room, but it just became a big pile that was getting higher and, I decided to move it up to Gideon's room, and after that wasn't working out (not enough space) because he could reach and get into it, I moved it all in to 1/2 of his closet. Jessica and her AWESOME organizing skillz, helped me organize it, and with a couple minor adjustments today (shoe rack in top) it is juuuuuust right! I have to hang a couple things and then it'll be perfect! I'm so excited..that's why I'm sharing this with you! Here are some little tips for your craft room too!
~Use a tension rod for a ribbon holder
~Loose ribbon I tied to a few O rings and sorted by color, they are hanging in the corner by my lamp. And the little pieces I have in a little jar.
~I put a shoe rack that I got f/Big Lots in the top of the was the perfect size, I still need a couple more baskets, and to label the baskets, makes for easy organizing of my projects.
~I got the perfect size shelf to organize stuff onto from a friend.
~I have a magnet board that I'm going to drill a couple holes in, tie some ribbon through, and hang..I got a pack of 3 for $2.88 at Wal-Mart..they work great (and MUCH cheaper than buying sheet metal f/Lowe's)
>I especially like this because I can open the doors, work on my crafts, close the doors and walk away when I need to take a break,w/o having to put away my project! Now I'm happy and Gideon still has his room!

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