Monday, December 5, 2011

Color Sorting


I already had these muffin tins. Tongs and pompoms are from..where else but Dollar Tree!

They had to use the tongs to pick up the pompoms and put them in the correct row to categorize. This works on motor skills as well as color sorting!

IMG_7561     IMG_7562

After a little bit, we decided the tong look like alligators, so we(..well I!) hot glued some eyes onto them, and they went around chomping everyone!:) They had fun with it!


This is another motor skill / color sorting activity. I picked up a few paint swatches.. 2 of each color, and some clothes pins (~dollar store) I cut one paint swatch to fit on the clothes pin, and the other I left.. I cut them down a bit though.. they were about 7 shades long. The kids have to match the green to the green..but then have to decide between shades is a wonderful activity!:)



IMG_7551     IMG_7554


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