Tuesday, September 20, 2011

“HOME” Project & a Puzzle





and a few more I am currently working on for other months.. actually there are a lot more I have done but do not have in my possession..as soon as I do, I will post pic! I am gathering quite a few ideas..multiples for each month…

Nov, June, Aug

IMG_7492    IMG_7493    IMG_7496

For the Birthday Week


Another fun project. I bought (less than $2) a 2x2 board from Home Depot and cut it into square with my Miter Saw. Then I bought a cute little (about 6” x 6”) calendar from Michaels for $1. Cut the calendar to fit the blocks and decoupaged them on. THEN I went over them all with a sanding brick and sanded all the edges and corners. And finally went over the top of them with decoupage again to seal it all. I sanded them after so I could sand down the pics and make them flush with the wood.. I didn’t want the pics to hang out over the blocks. SO this is a 6 sided puzzle. Different pic on each side. My 4 year old can do it..but needs a little help at times. With 54 puzzle pieces..and only 9 needed at a time.. it can be a little hard for young ones! I am going to try this with pictures of the family soon!

IMG_7497    IMG_7499IMG_7498 

  IMG_7501IMG_7503  IMG_7500

Some calendars from Michaels. I have also gotten them from Target dollar bins in years past.. but don’t pay more than a dollar! You can actually get 2 full puzzles out of one book, since you only need 6 pictures and calendars have 12! Great Christmas gifts too!!




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Hailee and TJ said...

love the calendar puzzles. can't wait to make some for my kids. Also loving the new ideas for the "HOME". the birthday cake is awesome! are you going to sell them individually?